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Just for Kids

Exercise doesn’t have to mean calisthenics or even baseball. Everyday activities, like playing tag, sleigh-riding and riding a scooter are all great ways to get your exercise in. And they’re a million times better for you than lying on the couch watching TV or playing video games!

Even going food shopping with your mom beats lying around doing basically nothing.


If you're home alone a lot and have to stay inside, try getting up at least 10 minutes of every hour and moving around. If it's too hard to break away from the TV, try waiting for a commercial and then turn the TV OFF. Walk around your house (time yourself in different situations -- like balancing a book on your head -- and track your personal best times), or just try a totally different activity, like going through your junk drawer or aaaaaah! even making your bed.

Set a timer if you're afraid you'll do too much - or not enough. Remember, "You gotta move to get where you want to be!"

Better than watching TV:

  • Walk the dog - even just around the block.
  • Set up a pretend school or office.
  • Invent something.
  • Surprise your parents and clean one room.
  • Learn how to play SPUD.
  • Measure how fast or how many times you can climb a flight of stairs in your house or apartment (ask first!).
  • Keep a daily log.
  • Play (nicely!) with your baby brother or sister.
  • Play on the swings.
  • Help make a recipe (ask first!).
  • Give some attention to the pet you had to have.
  • If you're allowed, walk to your school and use that playground to skate, etc.
  • Set up an indoor miniature golf course - use your imagination!
  • Run errands with a parent or caregiver.
  • Juggle with scarves.
  • Turn on the radio and dance or do karaoke in your room or the bathroom
  • Set up an obstacle course