Holter Monitoring

What can the patient expect:
  • First, know that this test won't hurt you one bit!

  • When you come in, you will be asked to take off your shirt.

  • You will sit on the examining table, and some areas of your chest will be cleaned with alcohol, which may seem cool.

  • Five little stickers, called electrodes (each about the size of a quarter), will be put on your chest. The stickers have a cool gel on the side that is attached to your skin, and a snap on the outside to hold a wire. Both the stickers and the wires are perfectly safe. The wires will connect the electrodes to the monitor.

  • After checking that all the connections are on, you'll put your shirt back on. The doctor or technician will explain to you and your parents some simple instructions about the monitor.

  • When you return the next day, you will take your shirt off again, and you will sit on the examining table.

  • The doctor or technician will remove the wires from the monitor, and then will gently remove the stickers from your chest. This may feel like having a band-aid removed. (Parents can also remove the monitor and bring it back to be analyzed the next day).