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  Heart Crossword Puzzle  

1. medical term for "passing out" [SYNCOPE]

6. 24 hour heart monitor [HOLTER]

7. blood vessels that bring blood back to the heart [VEINS]

8. pumping chambers of the heart [VENTRICLES]

13. part of the body in which heart is located [CHEST]

14. test conducted on a treadmill [STRESS TEST]

11. collecting chamber of the heart [ATRIUM]

15. carries blood to the lung [PULMONARY ARTERY]


2. doctor who examines the heart [CARDIOLOGIST]

3. machine used to image the heart [ECHOCARDIOGRAM]

4. blood vessels leaving the heart [ARTERIES]

5. organ that pumps blood [HEART]

9. fatty substance causing heart disease [CHOLESTEROL]

10. machine that picks up heart's electrical signals [EKG]

11. collecting chamber of the heart [ATRIUM]

12. carries blood to the body

Crossword of the Heart Puzzle
D. Scott Alenick, MD